You may be getting tired of seeing every possible convention of pop culture infused with the living dead. The bandwagon of the zombie fad is packed like a damned clown car. Our rotten little love affair with the roamers has been co-opted by every comic book team, Hollywood producer, and has even fallen into the hands of filthy hipsters. For now, zombies are the bee's knees. Granted, the threat of zombies is what any story needs to give it a kick in the pants. It's such a no-brainer, I wouldn't bat an eye if I found that a studio had a small department devoted to taking old properties and cramming zombies into them. Just when I think I've been zombied-out, tired of gimmicks like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or the harmless goofiness of A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead, something comes along that takes a familiar concept and injects it with the necrotic mayhem, reminding me that everything is better with zombies.

Now Wildstorm has unleashed the horde upon Victorian England in their six issue miniseries, Victorian Undead. Any self-respecting Victorian/Zombie mashup begs to involve the fiction's most renowned detective (apologies to Batman), Sherlock Holmes. It's obligatory. Creators Ian Edington and Davide Fabbri do indeed follow through, and then some, right out of the gates.
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