I poke around the Popular Science site every once in a while because it has good articles explaining technology. Today I stumbled upon an article that would be of interest to the Bionic Man. Or Woman, if her show wasn't canceled.

Apparently the "fastest man on no legs" and his prosthetics are at the center of a sporting controversy because of a study that states sprinters' prosthetics can shave 10 seconds or more from a runner's 400-meter time.

Two research teams analyzed the same data about Oscar Pistorious, a South African Paralympian who uses Ossur's Cheetah prosthetic legs. Pistorius was denied eligibility in the 2008 summer Olympics because the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) used findings to determine he had an unfair advantage over able-bodied athletes, although that decision was later overturned.

Does Pistorius and athletes like him have an unfair advantage? That's the question, and two sets of researchers have come to two very different conclusions as outlined in the Popular Science article.

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