Two more featurettes for James Cameron's Avatar have arrived online today for your viewing pleasure. The first comes from Coke Zero and it centers on Stephen Ling's character Col. Quaritch, who's in charge of the entire Pandora mission and helps to train Sam Worthington and others on the planet and its dangerous indigenous species, the Na'vi. Ling takes us through a little of the plot without revealing anything we don't already know -- but there's also tons of footage I haven't seen before; stuff I'm sure you'll want to dive right into. Watch the clip after the jump.

In addition to the Coke Zero featurette, IGN UK has also released a behind-the-scenes featurette that focuses more on the human technology that's present in the film -- like the oxygen masks and the helicopter-like ships. It's all about how Cameron wanted the technology in the film to be realistic and down to earth even though most of our time is spent in another world. Watch it after the jump.
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