'Planet 51' – one of those animated movies filled with all-star names in the cast – is a bit of a misfire with critics.

Voiced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jessica Biel and Justin Long – there is a reason those names come first, it's to distract from the story and script – 'Planet 51' is set in a faraway world where an American astronaut Capt. Charles T. Baker (Johnson) lands. Twist is, he is the alien in a world inhabited by green people in a 'Leave it to Beaver' version of 1950's suburban America. They don't want Capt. Baker causing trouble on their planet. Thus, Chuck befriends Lem (Long) and a robot dog named Rover to escape being relegated to a museum.

Critics are complaining the originality is lazy, as are the jokes -- a dog peeing acid is a highlight: never great for kids. But a pretty look (even though the characters may appear rudimentary) and a homespun charm may appeal to some. Or you may want to catch it on cable with the kids.
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