I swear, I wasn't planning on a cat kick, but this was too good not to share. IBM has a supercomputer that model's a cat's brain.

According to a Popular Science article, the IBM Blue Gene, the fourth most powerful supercomputer in the world to date, uses 144 terabytes of ram to simulate a cat's cerebral cortex, which is based on 1 billion neurons and 1 trillian synapses. They had previously simulated a full rat brain in 2007, but have only simulated 1% of the human cerebral cortex.

With the simulated cat brain running about 100 times slower than the real thing, I don't think we're in danger of a Terminator cat any time soon. But just wait til it learns how to use it's "soliciting purr."

However, there is another team of researchers working on the Blue Brain project, according to the same article, which has a digital rat's brain's creating self-organizing neurological patterns. So maybe the first Terminator will be a rat.

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