As the many throngs of girls clamor in line awaiting their first glimpse of 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' this weekend, they can rest assured their time will certainly not go unwasted.

With hundreds (maybe thousands?) of 'Twilight'-themed viral videos and spoofs currently circulating throughout the web (and easily accessible via smart phones), the millions of 'Twilight' addicts can whet their appetite with clips that range from a Sim's parody animating the 'New Moon' characters to the raunchier, like a Brandon Routh-starring spoof on tampon commercials and the dangers of dating a vampire while menstruating. On second thought, maybe the Twihards and the Robsessed may not want to watch these -- or perhaps they should go to Urlesque's collection of favorite 'Twilight' videos instead. (Caution: some mature content in the videos after the jump.)