I'm a sucker for Asian horror movies, though admittedly most of my experience is spread between Korea, Japan and Thailand. Over the last few years, however, Indonesia has been trying to get in on the horror game, though most of their ghost-related entries were crippled by a cultural barrier I, unfortunately, couldn't surmount. But now with Waterfall Bride set to premiere in the country in December, it looks like Indonesia finally has a movie a little more up my alley; and man do I love this trailer.

Not because I've been craving more horror movies out of Indonesia. Not because the first half of this trailer consists of shots of bikini-clad beauties on beaches (24 Frames Per Second tells us the star is a local pinup model). And Not because its deranged killer is either deformed or wearing a bizarre mask (or perhaps both).

No, the reason I love this trailer for Waterfall Bride is because it features the most out-of-place Wilhelm scream I've ever heard used in a trailer. To even mention it is there kind of ruins the surprise, but I'll leave it up to you to discover where it is on your own below.
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