When news of a new Wii game entitled Mass: We Pray turned up online (complete with a trailer) earlier this week, only the most gullible of internet noobs actually believed that such a game existed. Anyone who'd seen a bit of viral marketing in their day automatically knew the clip was going to eventually lead to something else. That something else turned out to be a new clip for Electronic Arts' re-interpretation of Dante's Divine Comedy, Dante's Inferno.

This marks the second time EA's gone viral to promote the title (which has players taking control of Dante and guiding him on a demon-slaying mission through Hell to save his beloved--which seems about as far afield from the source material as one can get...), but unlike the silly SAVED "protesters" they employed at E3, this campaign was pretty clever, even if it had almost nothing to do with the game it was supposed to be promoting. Just the fact that they came up with cross-styled Wii-motes amused me--and that's about the only link I could find between the trailer and Dante's Inferno.

Mass: We Pray, unfortunately, will never be spreading the gospel on your Nintendo Wii. Dante's Inferno, however, will be bringing death and dismemberment to the PS3, Xbox 360, and PSP on February 9th of next year.

Click the handy read more button to see not only the new Dante's Inferno trailer, but to check out the clip for Mass: We Pray as well.
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