Between this week's ubiquitous 'New Moon' coverage and Nicolas Cage's lauded performance in Werner Herzog's 'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans,' the time has never been better to revisit 'Vampire's Kiss,' a 1988 film that combines vampirism, a descent into madness and yuppie alienation in ways that are unhinged and darkly comic. But consider yourself warned: This psychological thriller has much more in common with 'American Psycho' than 'Twilight.'

Cage plays Peter Loew, a pretentious literary editor with a faux-English accent, who spends his days harassing his secretary about missing files and his nights prowling bars for one-night stands. When he brings home Rachel (Jennifer Beals) and she turns out to be a creature of the night, Peter becomes both her victim and her prodigy, as he slowly begins acting like a vampire.
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