I've been following the development of Nic Cage's supernatural period chiller Season of the Witchfor over a year now, and during that time my expectations for the project have been all over the place. On one hand, Cage can still do good work when he's motivated, Ron Perlman makes any genre fan happy, and the story (14th century knights must transport a witch responsible for starting the Black Plague to a mountain monastery) sounds awesome. On the other, Nic Cage can do awful work when he's only doing it for a paycheck, and Dominic Sena is directing.

I'm as conflicted as ever after viewing the first full-length trailer for the film, which appeared on Fandango recently. The clip is mostly great. The cast looks solid, Cage seems like he's interested in more than phoning it in, and Sena appears to have taken his Ritalin. I'd have been totally blown away and onboard with this flick based on the trailer--and then something awful happens. One minute in, the soundtrack shifts--and in comes the Marilyn Manson. I have nothing against Manson, personally--but how many horror trailers must be ruined when some studio monkey decides to cram his music into clips where they don't fit? I don't know about you, but when I think knights and witches in the 14th century, Manson isn't something that springs immediately to mind.

Hopefully, this is just the case of some low-level studio employee messing up the trailer and not an indicator of the kind of vibe the full-length film is going for. We'll all find out one way or the other when Season of the Witch lands in theaters on March 19th of next year.

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