Superheroes in an American Gladiators movie? What are they going to do next, toss aliens into Battleship?

Alright, all snark aside, let's back track for a second. In case you missed the news last spring (you know, while you were doing things more important than contemplating bad potential movie properties), Johnny Ferraro, creator of the original American Gladiators TV show, announced he would be developing a big screen adaptation of the late '80s/ early 90s TV relic. It was one of those tear-out-your-hair-'cause-Hollywood-drives-you-so-nuts moments. How could anyone think this was a good idea, or for that matter, even a profitable one?

Now, it looks like American Gladiators the movie has a writer lined up, and we know a little bit more about the premise as well. Peter Iliff will be writing the script and, in some stroke of genius, the gladiators will now be superheroes. Apparently, foam baton-wielding spandex combatants just wasn't enough. To Iliff's credit, the guy has Point Break and Patriot Games on his resume, although definite points off for penning the upcoming Point Break sequel (another one for the "why?" category).

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