The past month or so has seen the Avatar marketing machine finally kick into high gear with featurettes, trailers and images seemingly arriving on our computer screens every day, each of them ready to CHANGE THE WAY WE LOOK AT MOVIES...FOREVER.

I kid. I may not be foaming at the mouth for Avatar, but epic science fiction movies that aren't based on toys or comics are becoming a rare breed. Next month, I'll be the first in line to see James Cameron blow up jungles real good.

In the meantime, you can satiate your Avatar lust with 60 Minutes' extended look at the film (watch it after the jump). I don't think there's anything particularly enlightening here that we haven't heard elsewhere (in fact, it really feels like a bid to convince "normal" folks who haven't been following the production to get their butts to their local IMAX), but it's still a fun watch, even if it's just for the behind-the-scenes footage of Cameron on set (looking intense and ready to commit murder if necessary), a glance at the mind-boggling technology behind the film (sooo many computers!) or Morley Shafer looking like he doesn't understand anything that is being said or shown to him ("What's with the tails?").

There's one thing we can be certain of: Avatar will be the best December release featuring ten-foot tall cat people fighting military mechs on a jungle planet. And I can't wait.
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