heroes thanksgiving

Heroes - NBC/Universal's marketing folks claim that "everything will be revealed" and "everything changes" on tonight's Thanksgiving-themed episode of Heroes. This, of course, means absolutely nothing to the savvy viewer. Heroes has been less suspenseful than ever this season. And it's no secret that the show desperately tries to reinvent itself every dozen episodes or so. But hey, the lesbian girl is coming back, so that's something, right?

Tonight's episode celebrates the cliché that Thanksgiving Day is marked by families quarreling around the dinner table. The Petrelli brothers spend Turkey Day confronting mom about her involvement in the whole Nathan/Sylar fiasco, while HRG inexplicably invites his ex and her new man to a Thanksgiving meal. Over at the carnival, Samuel reacts to Hiro and Lydia's defiance by trying to pin Joseph's murder on someone else. And everybody enjoys their stuffing.

So it's another episode about people with superpowers not doing anything remotely super (unless you count Claire Bear possibly slicing open her wrist between courses.) Not too enticing. But if you're like me, you'll watch regardless and hate yourself in the morning. (8 p.m. on NBC.)

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