I had some reservations about posting this one -- lest Sci Fi Squad become the unofficial Avatar News Network. But this Avatar promotional stuff is just way too cool not to share.

After attending Avatar preview day back in August, one of the burning questions I had was how on Earth was Fox going to sell this batsh-t crazy concept to the masses? James Cameron or not, Noble Savage smurfs riding dragons in 3D doesn't exactly have a limitless built-in audience. Well, since the summer we have had World Series and Sunday NFL tie-ins, a slew of international trailers and posters and just about everything else short of a Na'Vi-flavored Slurpee. All pretty standard stuff for a studio tentpole.

A couple days ago, Variety ran a piece on the "augmented reality" movie tie-ins for Avatar. Of specific interest are what Coke Zero and McDonald's have going. Check out the following videos for a glimpse into the cutting edge of movie advertising.

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