This past Monday, November 23 would have been the 122nd birthday of William Henry Pratt, the actor better known to the world at large as Boris Karloff. To commemorate the occasion Pierre Fournier has organized a Boris Karloff Blogathon over at his way cool Frankensteinia blog running all the way through November 26. He's lined up over 110 bloggers to share their thoughts on the guest of honor. He kicks it off with a message from Karloff's daughter Sara (who incidentally shares her father's birthday) and she is delighted that her father is being remembered this way. Fournier has also embedded some Youtube videos of Karloff's appearance on the TV show This Is Your Life. Posts will be continuously added through the week, but here's some of the stuff you can check out right now:
  • Deadlicious has posted a Karloff interview scanned from the pages of Castle of Frankenstein, one of the great monster mags of the 1970s.
  • You're Only As Good As Your Last Picture has an overview of Karloff's career.
  • Cinebeats has a review of Die, Monster, Die!, a Karloff film based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, and The Groovy Age of Horror has scanned pages of the Dell Comics adaptation of the same movie.
  • Over at The Boris Karloff Collection there's a review of The Old Dark House, the film that reunited Frankenstein's star and director.
  • Psychobabble offer an examination of the 10 Essential Performances of Boris Karloff.
  • Monsterman has a nice selection of Karloff photos, including one downright eerie animated gif.
And of course there's more to come. If you're a Karloff fan you'll probably want to bookmark Fournier's site and keep checking back.
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