Cinematical has just received six exclusive new images from Did You Hear About the Morgans?, starring Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker as a New York Couple on the verge of divorce who witness a murder and, in an attempt to salvage their marriage (and save their lives), they join the witness protection program. But that's when things really get interesting, because the program sends our uptight, urban city dwellers all the way to the backwoods of Wyoming -- where the loud, obnoxious sounds of the city are replaced by the soft, calming sounds of nature. Will that be enough to save the marriage, though?

Sam Elliott, Mary Steenburgen and Elisabeth Moss also star in this comedy directed by Marc Lawrence (Forces of Nature, Miss Congeniality), who last worked with Grant on the charming Music and Lyrics. Will Grant's pairing with Sarah Jessica Parker work just as well as his on-screen pairing with Drew Barrymore did? I think maybe ... Head after the jump to check out the film's latest trailer, and click into the gallery below for the rest of the images. Did You Hear About the Morgans? hits theaters on December 18th ... just in time to give you folks who aren't in the mood for James Cameron's big flashy blue alien movie a little piece of comedic hilarity.