robin williams and john travolta in 'Old Dogs'It seems that Hollywood's ongoing fascination with extended male adolescence hasn't lessened any, and in the case of 'Old Dogs,' we're talking reeeeally extended adolescence.

In this family comedy directed by Walt Becker ('Wild Hogs'), the old dogs of the title refer to the characters played by Robin Williams and John Travolta, though there is one actual canine in the film who contributes obligatory reaction shots.

The two leads play longtime friends and confirmed bachelors who are forced to take on the responsibilities of parenting when one of them discovers he is the father of twins. In the ensuing high jinx (on a camping trip and in a zoo, among other places), they're joined by several famous faces in cameos or supporting roles, including Matt Dillon, Seth Green, Ann-Margret and the late Bernie Mac in his last screen appearance. Unfortunately, it was not exactly a high note to end one's career on, according to most critics.The general consensus seems to be that while 'Old Dogs' is generally inoffensive, it's also formulaic and haphazardly frantic.
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