It's really hard not to think of other post-apocalyptic tales when something like The Roadis coming out this week. There are quite a few television shows that fit the bill. There are no less than six post-apocalyptic series of varying robustness, beginning with Max Headroom, which, in 1987, turned the MTV icon and soda barker a broadcast television star. The drama lasted two seasons.

In 1988, the War of the Worlds brought us Adrian Paul in the second season, before he became The Highlander.

A mini-series of Stephen King's The Stand riveted us in 1994 as we wondered how well the book adapted, as Mother Abigail and the Walking Dude fought for the souls of humanity. SciFi, err, SyFy is known to play it fairly often, but it's so edited beyond comprehension.

In 2000, James Cameron wowed some and bored others with Dark Angel, making Jessica Alba the poster girl for fanboys with televisions. And in 2002, Showtime aired the adaptation of Jeremiah, giving Luke Perry a chance to shake off his 90210 chains. That show had a shaky history, with the final episodes of season two taking over a year to air. Most recently, Jericho started well in 2006, but was revived more than once before finally being laid to rest in 2008.

With the exception of Max Headroom, all these series on out on DVD.

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