V remake
A look at tonight's Sci-Fi TV:

V, "It's Only the Beginning" – It's the final V of 2009, and early reviews say it's the best episode so far. That's good news for ABC, considering the show is going on a three-month hiatus after tonight.

This week's ep is reportedly full of big reveals, mind blowing plot twists and some much-anticipated Morena Baccarin nakedness. I'm looking forward to catching it, especially since V has yet to really wow me in a big way.

"Beginning" finds FBI agent Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) combating a biological threat with help from the Visitor resistance. Elsewhere in the episode, alien queen Anna (Baccarin) reveals more about the Visitor's plan for Earth and courts Erica's annoying son, Tyler (Logan Huffman). And let's not forget about conflicted TV journo Chad Decker (Scott Wolf), who makes a starting discovery while working on an investigative report about the V's healing centers. (8 p.m. on ABC.)

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