It's a new day, which means another franchise thought to be abandoned to the depths of time and memory is being resurrected by Hollywood. This time, it's the cult 1970s British TV series UFO and it looks like Fringe star Joshua Jackson is on board. Or so says Variety.

My experience with UFO is limited in that I have never seen it and have never heard of it, but that's why Variety gets paid the big bucks:

"Jackson will star as Paul Foster, a test pilot who joins S.H.A.D.O. (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization), a covert org built under a Hollywood studio that defends Earth against a race of aliens who have been abducting humans and using the body parts..."

Okay, as a fan of secret organizations with needlessly overwrought acronyms for names, consider my interest piqued. I'm also into the whole "humans fighting evil aliens" thing, but don't tell anyone.

UFO is being directed by Matthew Gratzner, a first time director, but a serious visual effects veteran. And by serious visual effects veteran, I mean this man has worked on everything from Iron Man to The Fountain to Superman Returns. His IMDB page reads like a laundry list of the best, worst and most interesting genre efforts of the past decade or so. Interest remains piqued.
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