I don't write nearly as many reviews as I used to. I couldn't begin to tell you why this is, except that once I started covering horror news, I found I didn't have half as much time write longer pieces of film criticism. I still see a lot of movies, but I come from this school of movie reviewing that says if you can't spend a thousand words on a flick, then it's not worth doing. I'm working to get over this mental hurdle of mine, and I think the second step in the recovery process (after the first, which is admitting you have a problem) is stepping outside your comfort zone and confronting your issue head on. So, consider this piece on the three latest films I've watched not only an informative selection of mini-reviews, but also your chance to be my therapist (albeit without me paying you anything for your services--it's a win-win situation!). I'll try to keep the weeping and mother issues to a minimum.

Now that we've cleared that up, jump beyond the break to read my thoughts on Seventh Moon, The Butcher, and Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead.
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