Some people would argue that Bioshock is not a horror game. When this happens, I usually nod my head politely and then proceed to tell them why they're wrong. Bioshock isn't a horror game in the traditional sense of the term, but it certainly has more than enough scary elements to place it firmly within the confines of the genre. Besides, if we ruled that Bioshock wasn't horror, I'd not be able to bring you cool photos like the one above.

Harrison Krix makes props--and his latest project (undertaken with the assistance of his fiancee) was to craft his very own Big Daddy suit. If you've not played Bioshock, Big Daddies are humans "who've had their skin and organs directly grafted onto atmospheric diving suits and are armed with a rivet gun or pneumatic drill." They wander the ruins of Rapture with one duty: protect the Little Sisters.

Krix wanted to recreate the magic of the game and has done so by crafting an amazingly authentic Big Daddy suit to go along with the Little Sister outfit modeled by his future wife. That's cool, but it wasn't enough for the prop-maker. Krix wanted authenticity in all aspects of his cosplay, so he found a way to get the Georgia Aquarium to allow him to stage a photo shoot. These photos are the end result. When I first saw them, I didn't think they were real pictures--that's how good the Big Daddy suit is and how perfectly it meshes with the aquarium setting, but they are really photos.

You can see the whole batch of images (which are all breathtaking) at Krix's website, Volpin Props. If you're in the market for a Big Daddy outfit, you can bid on this one here.
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