What the hell was that?! I just watched the Boxer's Omen, wide awake and sober, but I feel like I've been snorting voodoo dust off of a Candyman mirror. Maybe it's my lack of knowledge of Buddhist folklore, or maybe the translations were botched in what few subtitles there were, but this had me trying to tether my sanity back to my skull. That's not necessarily and indictment, of course. Horror flicks can go a long way in my book when the tank is full of crazy. Evil Dead 2? Crazy. Re-Animator? Crazy.

But the Boxer's Omen? Well, the Shaw Brothers were swinging for the fences in the World Series of Crazy.

It tells the story of a narcissistic retired boxer, out for revenge after a muscled scumbag (Bolo Yeung, again being a jerk) crippled his brother during a Thai boxing match. While out on his hunt for justice, our hero falls in with a band of monks and finds out he's spiritually tied to an old wizard from a past life. He goes on something of a vision quest, reshaping himself from Iron Chef-haired kickboxer to spell-casting demon fighter. This opens the floodgates, drowning us in unbridled insanity for a solid 45 minutes.
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