We all remember the days when the Friday night trip to the videostore meant two things: 1.) a beeline for the horror section that may or may not have included scattering the elderly to the floor and 2.) walking out with a thick, heavy armload of VHS. I remember a party I had when I was a kid wherein me and a host of my school chums walked to the local video conglomerate and it took three of us to carry our bounty back to the waiting glow of the TV and the VCR. Since then, the advent of DVD and now Blu-ray has all but abolished the VHS market. While this has scores of advantages for film geeks, the one genre particularly shafted by the conversion seems to be horror. There are so many titles that, for whatever reason, never made the leap to a higher definition. Being that I live in Austin and their local videostores are treasure troves of the forgotten, I am in a prime position to find these gems and review them. To wit, I give you Terror Tapes, my weekly report of films that are either impossible to find on DVD or just plain don't exist in any other format beyond VHS. For my inaugural entry, I give you a film I have been wanting to see for years: The Town That Dreaded Sundown.
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