When it comes to my home entertainment collection, I have a problem saying no. If it's cheap enough and I can come up with a rationale for owning it, I'll shell out my hard earned dollars. Of course, this results in my shelves sagging under the weight of unloved and unwatched DVDs that seemed like a good idea at the time -- frankly, I couldn't tell you why I had to buy my very own copy of Step Up 2. But, selling those unwanted discs can be a bit of a hassle, and this is where Glyde comes in. This new service was created by the founder of eBay Motors and promises a new (and easier) way of buying and selling your used DVDs, video games, books, or CDs online.

So here's how it works: you simply sign up for an account, enter your credit card info, shipping address and you're ready to go. You can buy or sell with a single click, and best of all Glyde offers a no-hassle return policy -- which is sometimes a bit of a worry of mine when shopping online. If you're selling, Glyde sends you a Netflix-style prepaid envelope once the item has been sold and you pop it back into the mail within 24hrs. Glyde takes 10% of the sale price (and the price of the mailer) and the rest is deposited into your account, and you can withdraw your money at any time (via bank transfers or checks). Buying is even easier, and just takes one click to charge the item to your credit card. It all sounds pretty good on paper, and it is about time I started culling my own home entertainment collection -- I just hope I don't buy it all back again.

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