My love of dance movies, especially crappy dance movies, could probably all be traced back to Breakin'. In 1984 I wasn't exactly the hippest girl on the block (after all it isn't easy to be hip when you're nine years old), but when my dad took me to see Breakin' I thought this was the beginning of a long and industrious career as a B-girl. So, as you can probably guess, it didn't quite work out that way, but thanks to Breakin' I still listen to Rufus' Ain't Nobody featuring R&B legend Chaka Khan (which first appeared on Rufus' album Stompin' at The Savoy) .

Breakin' was directed by Joel Silberg and centered on the dancing duo of Turbo (Michael Chambers) and Ozone (Adolfo Quinones), who team up with Kelly, a pampered jazz dancer (played by Lucinda Dickey) in a battle with a rival dance crew by the name of Electro Rock -- and if you remember your 80s movies then you know that most disputes can be solved with a dance off. Rufus' #1 R&B hit accompanied the all-important musical montage where we see white-bread Kelly learning to pop and lock...badly.

Breakin' wasn't the first break dancing movie to come along, and if I had to choose, Beat Street would go down as my personal favorite. But, for better or for worse, Breakin' is still one of the best remembered movies of that brief fad of b-boys on the big screen, and it may not be a great movie -- as a matter of fact it's kind of a terrible movie, but this is definitely a great song.

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