I was convinced this day would never come... I first wrote about The Loss of a Teardrop Diamondover three years ago when the forgotten Tennessee Williams screenplay got tapped for a feature film. Lindsay Lohan was set to star in it, before her heaps of turmoil turned her career sour. In 2007, Bryce Dallas Howard stepped in to replace Lohan, and in 2008, we finally got a still from the film. Now the movie has quietly swam through the festival circuit and is slated for release at the end of the year, which means we finally get a trailer, which you can see after the jump, courtesy of Coming Soon.

The trailer can certainly send you back in time, but maybe not to the right time. The whole thing reeks of 1980s Hallmark melodrama, from the scenes to the text and somber voiceover. Bryce Dallas Howard stars as Fisher Willow, a '20s debutante who decides to get back at her greedy dad by taking a poor young man (Chris Evans) to a high-profile party. She borrows her great Aunt Cornelia's (Ann Margret) teardrop diamond earrings to the event, and when she loses one, she accuses her date of stealing it.

What might be more intriguing than the work (which Coming Soon says was written as a film for Elia Kazan to direct), and the cast (which also includes Ellen Burstyn), is the idea of Lohan in this movie. I can't begin to imagine her taking on the style and accent Howard pulls off. But what do you think?

Will you hit the theaters to see this lost work from Tennessee Williams?