"You've seen the films. Argento, Bava, Martino illustrate your deepest and darkest desires. Hilton, Fenech and Strindberg inhabit your dreams. The sounds of Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai and Nora Orlandi jangle in your ears as you reach for that bottle of J&B scotch."

Finally, I can bask in the yellow glow of Ivan Rassimov's sinister sneer plastered across my bosom whenever I want--thanks to the fine folks at Giallo-Tshirts dot com. Their t-shirts, like the giallo films they are inspired by, are one of a kind--evoking the spirit of the Italian film genre at its best. [read more about giallo here]

Friends Ellen McAuslan and Andy Price are long time giallo film fans who grew tired of finding no suitable threads that reflected the stylish and evocative films they so loved. Amen. Giallo t-shirts was born after the dynamic duo met while working on a play. Ellen had cultivated her obsession over time and turned Andy on to her favorite films. "I ended up making a list of my top 11 gialli and he, bless his heart, watched them all. A new fan was born."