Good news today for fans of classic Euro-sleaze, as Blue Underground has announced a Blu-ray release for Jose Ramon Larraz's 1974 cult classic Vampyres. The film scheduled to make its high-def debut on March 30th of next year according to our friends at DVD Active.

Larraz once described his film like this: "naked girls and lots of blood. That's what Vampyres is about." I can't argue with that because it's a spot on assessment of the movie. The story is basically about a lesbian vampire couple (Anulka and Marianne Morris) who use their feminine wiles to lure in various passerby. They then hold their victims captive and drink their blood. If you like "naked girls and lots of blood", rest assured you will enjoy this film.

Vampyres will retail for $29.95. The Blu-ray edition will feature a new high def transfer that will restore all the excised gore footage from previous versions. Extras featured will include commentary with Director José Ramón Larraz and Producer Brian Smedley-Aston, interviews with Marianne Morris and Anulka, the international trailer, and the U.S. trailer.
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