Grace of My HeartWhen 'Grace of My Heart' came out in 1996, Allison Anders had a reputation for making gritty features like 1992's 'Gas Food Lodging' and '1994's 'Mi Vida Loca.' This, however, was a different animal: a dramatic but ultimately bright-eyed look at '60s and '70s music that was loosely based on the life of Carole King.

Illeana Douglas is at her most appealing as wide-eyed Edna Buxton, a well-to-do girl who dreams of a life as a pop singer. But when a record company suit tells her "Not only do we have someone like you, we are trying to get rid of the someone like you," she turns to songwriting, mentored by John Turturro (as a hilarious Phil Spector type). Changing her name to Denise Waverly, she starts cranking out teen anthems for girl groups, a closeted teen star (Bridget Fonda), and tons of others.
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