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By his own admission, James McTeigue seems to be fast-becoming Hollywood's go-to guy for revenge stories. After beginning his career as an assistant director for the Wachowski brothers, he made his directorial debut with the graphic novel adaptation V for Vendetta, and is now set to release Ninja Assassin, about a martial arts master squaring off against his master and his former clan. Ironically, McTeigue is himself a generous, thoughtful and positively mellow guy, which makes his aptitude for bloody showdowns even more surprising.

Cinematical recently sat down with McTeigue at the Los Angeles press day for Ninja Assassin, where he talked about tackling his latest revenge tome. In addition to discussing the physical and philosophical origins of ninjas (and the movies that love them), he talked about protecting the cultural and ethnic integrity of his characters and story, and ruminated on the challenges of keeping a constant balance between brain-busting ideas and balletic bloodletting.

Cinematical: When you came on board this film, what was your cultural mandate for the film especially since you were featuring an Asian actor in the main role?