A month or so ago we put the spotlight on Threadless.com and their exclusive Halloween t-shirt, which was inspired by the monthly "horror" theme. While browsing their selection and lamenting the fact that I can't take advantage of their $12 holiday sale or one-day-only $9 Black Friday sale, I came across a number of designs that can be deemed appropriate for fans of horror and the macabre. Given that we're less than a month until Jesus slides down your chimney to eat your food and rearrange your furniture, there is no time better than the present to take advantage of this incredible sale.

Be warned: due to the popularity of the selection and the limited print run of many of the designs, several are bound to sell out of the more common sizes, especially mens XL. So if you're a tubby like me, make haste to Threadless.com and check out their fine selection. Samples of some of the horror-themed shirts (which includes an entire section devoted to zombies) can be found behind the cut.
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