So far everything I have seen about Neil Marshall's highly anticipated sequel, The Descent: Part 2, looks like the first one. I guess that means it won't completely suck? I enjoyed the original, even though I had issues with some of the character development, but the claustrophobic feel and the nightmarish glimpses of the creatures were quite effective.

Part 2 follows lone survivor Sarah (Shauna MacDonald) after an all-female caving expedition goes horribly wrong. She is forced back into the caves to accompany a rescue crew and face the humanoid crawlers that slaughtered her friends. The film also stars Gavan O'Herlihy as Sheriff Vaines who is convinced Sarah's psychosis stems from a dark secret. Krysten Cummings plays his partner Rios and the rescue team consists of Douglas Hodge, Joshua Dallas and Anna Skellern.

The Descent: Part 2
will be premiering in the UK this Friday, December 4. For the rest of us sad saps, Bloody-Disgusting has a 'blood-soaked' clip on their website. You should also check out this amusing but thought provoking debate with Horror Squad's Peter Hall and Brad McHargue about The Descent.

Marshall has stated that the film won't be a rehashing of the first, but since that the creatures have been revealed and we're back in the cave do you think the sequel will have the same kind of tension?
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