heroes fifth stage NBCA look at tonight's Sci-Fi TV:

Heroes, "The Fifth Stage" -Adrian Pasdar takes his final flight on tonight's episode of Heroes. The veteran actor has played flying man Nathan Petrelli for four seasons on NBC's slumping superhero drama, alternating between "good guy" and "bad guy with good intentions" since season one. It's been a rough road for Nathan – he's been shot, blown up, and bitch slapped – but nothing compares to the craziness he's been through during the show's current season.

Sylar murdered Nathan last year, but the character's journey didn't end there. Mind-melder Matt Parkman successfully plugged Nathan's memories into Sylar's head, causing the super-powered sociopath to shape-shift into Nathan. Now, Sylar's consciousness has jumped back into his own body to battle Nathan for control. After all the abuse he's taken over the years, poor ol' Nathan must now face a most disturbing fact: He doesn't really exist.

Got all that? Yeah, I know, it never really made much sense to me either. Still, I'm looking forward to watching Nathan's final scene with brother Peter tonight. The relationship between these two has been at the heart of the show since the beginning. Judging by the trailer below, it looks like Peter will deal with his grief by torturing Sylar, which should be a lot of fun to watch.

Elsewhere in the episode, Claire cozies up to Samuel as his grand plan starts to come together, while HRG deals with some unexpected visitors. (8 p.m. on NBC.)

Check out a preview video and a very spoilery clip after the jump.
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