If you haven't seen Mark Hartley's unbelievably cool documentary Not Quite Hollywood, shut your laptops or rip your Ethernet chord out of the wall and go rent it right this damn minute! It is a perfectly-crafted celebration of cult cinema from the land down under and if it doesn't get you excited to be a horrorphile, I have a number of rom-coms I could recommend to you. This film exemplifies exactly why I moved across the country to Austin: to be immersed in cult films. While the spirit of the film is one of shameless appreciation of trash genre films, it is incontrovertible that a number of the titles in the horror section of the documentary offer more than just a so-bad-it's-good quality. So I decided to write up today's triple play of Aussie horror in the hopes that if you haven't seen these films, you'll seek them out and give them a shot.
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