It's a slow news day, so forgive me for dipping back into the New Moon well. But it's impossible not to! Not only is the series encouraging abstinence, making men feel inadequate, and provoking all manner of "Is it or isn't it dangerous reading" debates, now the film is responsible for keeping girls away from the tanning salon. According to The Daily Mail, sales of pale foundation is soaring as girls seek to emulate the bloodless pallor of the Cullens.

Some are taking issue with the statistics, and pointing out that it is winter, when even the most outdoorsy girl forgoes her tan and has to buy foundation to match her winter skin. Or is supposed to. With tanning salons and spray tans being common in every strip mall, not many girls willingly abandon their shade of bronze. But now, tan skin makes Edward Cullen sad. Or turns him off. Either way, girls now want to be as pale and ethereal as their favorite immortal, a trend that the Daily Mail labels "sinister."

Unless they're mimicking pre-modern Europe and practicing bloodletting to achieve the desired skin tone, I think this actually a New Moon trend that could prove quite beneficial. Not only will it encourage girls to stop damaging their skin for fashion, but it'll give a self-esteem boost to the girls doomed to such burns and fairness that they might as well be vampires. As one such lass (and you wouldn't believe the "Go get a tan!" snark that's come my way), I will embrace this Twilight trend, and give Stephanie Meyer a grudging bit of applause.
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