Clips of seventies era go-go psychedelia juxtaposed with a naked, beating heart. Our swingin' hero, Roberto, is stalked by a mysterious figure in dark glasses. Within minutes of the opening, Roberto accidentally murders him. From on high, in some decaying theater, a masked predator captures it all on film. Before long, Roberto is wandering through a lazy miasma of sex, blood, and blackmail in the slow motion nightmare of Dario Argento's Four Flies on Grey Velvet.

This is indeed 180 proof, distilled giallo. I have to admit, my education in the genre is lacking. I've seen a handful, but far from most, of the big hitters - Twitch of the Death Nerve, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, etc. If you'll allow me a bit of heresy - something that may well get me excommunicated from Horrorsquad - I've never really appreciated them. Giallo just hasn't done it for me. Much of it seems like a thriller without the thrills, specifically with Argento. Sure, there are all manner of horrible murders and spooky goings-on, but it never has really grabbed me. While Four Flies... may not be the best of the breed, it certainly is a manifestation of everything I've come to expect from Italy circa 1971.
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