Discovery Channel imprint the Science Channel will be airing a new program on Dec. 1 (10 pm EST) called Sci-Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible. Hosted by author of Physics of the Impossible and renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, the show will go through popular science fiction and explore the reality of alternate universes, teleportation and the like. According to Variety's Brian Lowry, the premiere touches on a "Stargate-like portal" and the light-sabers of Star Wars.

The first three episodes (two of which air on Dec. 1, the third on Dec. 8) are titled How to Explore the Universe, How to Travel to a Parallel Universe and my personal favorite title, How to Blow Up a Planet. Lowry's reaction seemed to be slightly better than lukewarm, but the premise for the show sounds pretty interesting, if only as background noise to occasionally glance up at. Personally, I had never even heard of the Science Channel (or SC for short) before stumbling across the premiere date for Sci-Fi Science, but it's nice to know Discovery Channel is courting geek culture.

Below is a sneak peak at Dr. Kaku's show. Following that is Part 1 of Dr. Kaku's Sci-Fi or Sci Fact? lecture, courtesy of Arizona State University (if you are so inclined, ASU has the other three parts posted on its YouTube page). The guy has a pretty natural TV/stage presence, not a real shocker since he's hosted shows on PBS and Discovery Channel in the past.
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