The dreaded chupacabra. It's just fun to say. Chupacabra! This legendary cryptid has been feeding on livestock in Central America and the lower regions of the US for ages now, at least since . . . 1990? Yes, the beast is something of a contemporary myth, lacking the experience of other monsters like the Jersey Devil or Sasquatch. Living in Texas, I've actually encountered people who believe in this thing. It was an ill-defined boogeyman, a reptilian terror with spines running down it's back and a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth. It roamed the vast rural areas of Texas, exsanguinating cattle and goats. Strangely, I didn't hear about it until it was the monster of the week in an episode of the X-Files. Folks still seem determined to prove its existence, though. Now and again, mostly around Texas, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, a news report will surface, claiming proof of the 'goat sucker'. There will be an uproar for a few weeks, and then someone with a skeptic eye and some knowledge of animal biology will point out that it was just a mange-ridden coyote.

This particular 'Web Scare', while not the smoking gun of cryptobiology, is a fun play on the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage.
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