When Sam Raimi's cult classic Evil Deadcame out back in 1981, it didn't play many theaters. As such, the number of people who can say they've seen the first appearance of loveable doofus Ash on the big screen is very small. That's all set to change soon (as we reported back before Halloween) because the guys over at Grindhouse Releasing are set to bring Evil Dead to the masses with a series of midnight screenings around the country--and now they've locked in several dates and locations.

This is familiar territory for the distributor (who've been dubbed "the Criterion of horror film distribution") as they gave Lucio Fulci's classic film The Beyondthe same kind of treatment a few years back.

The company is planning on bringing Evil Dead to the masses beginning early next year through a series of midnight screenings. Each showing will feature a 35MM print of the film.

So far, Twitch has confirmed seven screening locations and dates. Grindhouse promises that there will be more announced soon, so cross your fingers and maybe you'll be lucky enough to get a viewing in your area. If you're not down with the whole "hoping for the best" thing, you could contact info@grindehousereleasing.com and make the case for why your town deserves to be part of such a momentous event personally.

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