I picked up this little tidbit over at Boing Boing about a group calling themselves Guns 'n Gardens. The web episode is set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and provides DIY tips and tricks on how to survive, including info on the best weapons, first aid, food prep techniques and more. It even features a commercial for Pep Z, a zombie defense spray similar to pepper spray. Nifty.

I actually learned something from watching the video about growing plants upside down. I am born and bred city folk after all and we find this sort of thing fascinating. I can actually see the host, Marque Cornblatt, stockpiling food and supplies before the zombie apocalypse even entered the public eye which makes the video pretty amusing if not a twinge unsettling--in a good way. He certainly has a sense of humor and the zombies interrupting him mid demonstration are good fun. This video will probably remind you of The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks which is a must have for any zombie fan. Check out the Guns 'n Gardens video after the jump.
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