Many, many months ago I was doing some minor research on the French flick Inside when I stumbled upon a review penned by the pseudonymous Count Vardulon, that was, for lack of a better phrase, less than kind. It featured the f-word approximately 160 times and was accompanied by an audio file of the review for added emphasis. Despite my love for the film, I investigated just who this "Count Vardulon" is to see if he was as crazy as he appears to be.

He's crazy alright. Crazy brilliant and crazy hilarious.

Relatively unknown due to a lack of self-promotion, Vardulon's credo is "write harder," a fitting aphorism for a professional writer. In between being anything but laconic concerning the latest episode of CSI: Miami or Criminal Minds, Vardulon spends his nights hating everything and voicing his opinions about it. Given my relative distaste for many horror films, I have often been accused on "not liking movies;" Vardulon takes it to the extreme, but manages to stand out from the pack by providing a healthy mix of opinion, humor and intelligence, the combination of which is a rare treat.

Blog highlights include a running commentary on why the new Indiana Jones film is terrible and the Saw diaries, a film-by-film account of all six Saw films. Beyond writing he co-hosts the AVOD with the Dive Mistress, the Internet's first audio-only video podcast, on which I have been a guest two, count 'em TWO times!

There are a LOT of horror blogs out there, but if you choose to read only a small handful, Castle Vardulon should be on that list. His irreverent humor and unabashed vitriol for the foul writing that plagues television and cinema makes for a damned entertaining read.
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