Hate and ye shall have a voice. Exercise shocking taste and ye shall have a voice!

I guess it was inevitable. News programs have slowly become overrun with sensationalism, voices comfortably spewing out the most shocking commentaries they can, annoying those who disagree and rile up those who love a little inappropriate sass with their politics. And it's only natural that this would slowly leak into the movie reviewing world. Guardian has thrown up a love/hate piece for film critic Fiore Mastracci, who they call "a critic so dreadful he's bordering on genius." A once under-the-radar critic, his review of The Road has been making the rounds.

Where many critics love flicks like The Road or Fantastic Mr. Fox, Fiore is a lover of Punisher: War Zone, The Pink Panther (2006), Hitman, Transporter 2... In other words, he's that Regular Joe type moviegoer who equates good cinema with those brainless adventures on the big screen. Then again, the Guardian says he was also a film teacher and used to have his own cable show. So, somewhere, there seems to have been some schooling.

Maybe he's the Gwar of the film critic set, one whose fame and art is nothing like their education and smarts. Whatever the case, his reviews are full of catch-phrases like "celluloid masturbation" and "excrement on celluloid," and he loves throwing in an Obama jab when he can.

Is he merely the best-worst film critic out there? Or an expert in sensationalized film critique for that part of the public that hates to feel anything but laughter and adrenaline rushes while in that theater seat?
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