Sometimes, on weekends, I stay home with a rented film. On weekends here in LA, the bars are overly packed and filled with people harbouring a double agenda, making them doubly annoying. They're looking both to 'pick up' and to promote themselves. Pick-up lines in most cities range from, "Haven't we met before?" to "So, what's your sign?" In Los Angeles, pick up lines include, "You should read my screenplay. Why don't you come over and edit the third act with me tonight?" (I am not kidding. This was said to me at a pizzeria.) and "My buddy who knows Chris Rock has a house in the Hollywood Hills. Give me your number and I'll take you there sometime."

When I was a younger lass, I felt compelled to go out on a Saturday night just because it was Saturday night. Gone are the days when I feel obligated to be social just because it's the weekend. Now, I prefer to go out during the week when there aren't any crowds.
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