Just when you thought it was safe to welcome that delirious Twi-hard family member back into your life comes a new website that's just ... well, all kinds of hilarious. It's called My Life is Twilight, and it consists of a bunch of little notes from fans who want you to know that their life is all about Twilight. I'm sensing an MTV True Life episode in 3 ... 2 ... 1...

But seriously now ... no wait, how can we really be serious about this? I know, they're young kids obsessing over a harmless entertainment property -- which, I imagine, is better than doing hard drugs or killing squirrels or whatever it is bad kids do these days. However, some of these little notes are just ... yeah. Here's a sample from the site:

"Today, as in every day, when I reread all of the Twilight books, I will cry, and when my boyfriend walks in the room I will intentionally start a fight with him & yell at him for "not being Edward Cullen". He knows now not to come in the room while I'm reading."

"Last year, my friend and I were out dancing. It was the middle of winter, so when her boyfriend came in from outside, he was freezing cold. Snatching his hand in hers, she proceeded to place it on my face, proclaiming "He feels just like Edward."

"Today I realized that ever since I read Twilight I highlight the word "twilight" in every other book I read just to give myself satisfaction that it MUST be a good book!"

"I work with juveniles that have just been arrested. Even though I know these kids have just committed a crime, I smile a little wider and act a little nicer when I talk with one named Edward."

Read the rest over here, and tell me if this is completely normal behavior or if there really is some sort of weird epidemic at play here.
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