Did you know there was a dancing robot competition being held annually in Tokyo? Well there is, and it's called ROBO-ONE GATE (doesn't that sound controversial and illegal?), and it's apparently a robot exhibition (this is the sixth one) that includes a dance off of sorts. Sounds cool enough ... except you can't help but want to save this poor robot after watching the video below.

Seriously, it's like the beginning of an Astro Boy spin-off or something -- as this poor female robot (dressed, of course, in a Catholic girl's uniform because in Japan all female robots need to wear Catholic girl uniforms for some odd reason it seems) is just left to awkwardly "dance" on a stage while some human chick with a clipboard smiles behind her (though you can sense some pity behind that smile).

Watch the video after the jump and tell me you don't want to immediately start a Save the Robot trust fund.
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