I haven't heard about many guys playing this game at sleepovers but all the things you've heard about girls playing the ghostly game Bloody Mary are true. We really did crowd ourselves in some poor parent's bathroom and shriek like lunatics when someone said they thought they saw something in the mirror. Sometimes someone really did see something, but it was probably due to mass consumption of Coca-Cola and Cheez Doodles. Or the weed someone stole from their big brother. Either way, Bloody Mary was one of those ridiculous but fun games I remember playing as a youngin.

Bloody-Disgusting reports that Stephen Hudis will be writing/directing The Summoning based off the popular paranormal game, Bloody Mary. The film is currently in pre-production and set to lens early in the new year. The Summoning stars Robert Carradine (Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds!), stunt actress Tarah Paige, Scott Spiegel (co-writer for Evil Dead II), David Dean Bottrell, Sean McNabb and Michael Sani. A college campus in New England becomes the site for a series of brutal murders. One girl claims the murderer is the legendary Bloody Mary, an evil entity trapped in a mirror who has been summoned forth and seeks revenge.

Clive Barker's Candyman was inspired by the Blood Mary game and remains the most frightening adaptation of the folklore tale to date. Seriously, you really don't wanna mess with Tony Todd. Hopefully The Summoning will be more of a gory slasher and less of a paranormal tale. I love a great ghost story but Bloody Mary's name alone calls for something more...red. Hit the jump for a comedic spin on the game.

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