Being one of the largest cities in the world comes with its own set of problems. Sure, dense populations tend to lead to higher rates of crime and homelessness, and maintaining the general welfare of any major metropolis is a gargantuan undertaking, but being a globally recognized city overflowing with landmarks means you've also got a cinematic bullseye on your back; and there is no bigger bullseye than New York, New York. Anyone with a big effects budget and a rampaging [insert name of monster, alien, meteor, or climate disaster here] is going to want to see NYC burn to the ground in their film. And if the box office haul of massive disaster pictures is any indication, most movie goers are also going to want to see NYC burn to the ground.

But why wade through the savagely long run time of 2012 (only to not even be treated to a NYC demolition) or the cinematic sadness that is Godzilla 1998 just for a glimpse of NYC getting its skyscraper face pummeled in? For just such an occasion, the kind folks at Goodie Bag have assembled Hollywood vs New York, a lovely three-minute montage of the Big Apple getting a big bite taken out of it and set the whole thing to the tune of George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue". There are 22 films that contribute to the montage, and fortunately Roland Emmerich's offerings don't monopolize the screen time. It's a nice array of titles that have all given NYC an apocalyptic makeover over the years, but the fun is placing the structural carnage, so I won't rattle off the list here.

I'll also stop rattling myself, as seeing NYC get beat up on to a jazz composition is what this post is all about, anyway.