When it comes to talking about careers and success, there are a lot of factors that come into play -- money, security, recognition, happiness... For the most part, it's success in the eye of the beholder, but that doesn't stop us from evaluating others' lives. After reading yesterday that Alec Baldwin thinks his career is a "complete failure" because he doesn't have a starring role where his performance drives the film to "a soaring critical or commercial success," I wonder what the world-at-large considers success in Hollywood. (While also wondering what colleagues think of Baldwin's load of projectile verbal horse manure.)

One might just blow this off and say it's the person with the most money and fame, but is it really? Fame is hard to hold onto, and even if a star does manage to grab tight, they must then deal with the ramifications of fame -- the sometimes-scary fans, the paparazzi, the gossip rags. On the flip side, maybe someone becomes an excellent character actor, finding continual gigs and a steady flow of money with moderate fame. But the work must keep on going for those checks to come in. And then there's those who find that one franchise that makes them enough to live on for the rest of their lives, or those who use initial fame to springboard into other careers in politics and other areas, or those who love their work but fall victim to unrealistic physical demands.

So, what is Hollywood success to you? And who's the most successful?
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