If Bulgarian scientist Luchezar Filipov is telling the truth, then he should really be getting more attention from major media outlets. Filipov is the deputy head of the Space Exploration Department of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, and when it comes to strange visitors from another planet he says, "They are here right now, among us...They want to help us, but the problem is that we don't know what to ask of them once a contact is established."

We don't? I'm sure we've got plenty of questions for them; they really shouldn't worry about that. What they do seem worried about is our perceived immorality. "The aliens are very critical of our immoral behaviour and our destruction of the environment," says Filipov, speaking on their behalf. "They say that global warming is attributed mainly to infrastructural engineering. Additionally, they are very skeptical of our use of cosmetics, and artificial insemination because this is 'unnatural'."

Filipov swears the aliens are undetectable and will only communicate telepathically with those they choose to talk to (how convenient for them). The Space Exploration Department is currently working on a "strategic" group of questions that they hope to get around to asking the aliens in 2010. Somebody, please ask the visitors if Mac and Me is based on a true story.

(via The Sofia Echo)
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